Why did I throw away half of my clothes after I came home from the US…

Why did I throw away half of my clothes after I came home from the US…

… And let me tell you that it wasn´t because I bought tons of new clothes. Not even mentioning that most of it is still (I hope temporarily) in San Francisco. What it the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think about the US? For some people it is New York City or Miami, to another people it might be a country where fat people live because all they eat is fast food and a ready-to-cook food that they cook in the most important device of the household, the microwave oven. America´s microwave ovens are so strong that they can cook everything within few minutes – an ordinary tea or baked potatoes. Why would you cook in the oven for hours if all you need is a microwave oven? I remember when I was melting a butter in it. The bowl was very hot but the butter exploded and burnt. It is quite common that households in the US don´t have a washing machine because self-service laundries are everywhere. But you probably won´t find a household without a microwave oven or “self-service microwave ovens” on the street. And so, we are getting to the point of this blog: eating in the US.

I was telling myself: “Once I´ll be in the US, I won´t gain a pound!”

After I came to Seattle I was surprised that I didn´t see a lot of fat people they talk about in the news all the time. As time was passing by I found out that as you can find most of the democrats on the Coasts and republicans in the Middle, you can apply the same curve on population with obesity. It doesn´t matter if it was Boston, Philly, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco or LA, they all had one thing in common: I´ve seen so little of obese people. But what I saw all around the country was a lot of “fleshy” au pairs.

Another thing what I had noticed during my one and a half year long journey across America was an opportunity to observe how my waistline girth was getting bigger and bigger. And then I actually realized why I had a feeling that most of the au pairs were… a little bit rounded. During my first three months I´ve discovered American delicate peanut butter jelly sandwich, I had to taste all the candies I found in the grocery store and I found out that sugar is probably everywhere, even in the pastry. I´ve learnt a new lifestyle: to snack during the day and to have a proper food (dinner) in the evening (sometimes I eat two portions!) which was another shock for my body. And so, I moved out to Boston with additional 13 pounds. By the way, I was going to a gym daily and I was also trying to walk everywhere or at least to use the public transportation. After I came to Boston…                        

I became the chef here and with my culinary abilities and picky tastes of my host kids our almost-daily meal was pasta. Usually it was Mac and cheese on Monday, shells on Tuesday, meat with rice on Wednesday, end-of-my pasta ideas on Thursday and pizza on Friday. I used to eat bread with ham and avocado on lunches and during the day I was secretly eating my host kids´ sweet snacks. With my friend we still used to go to the gym daily but with my new thirteen belly-friends nothing happened. I didn´t feel fat until the moment when I tried to wear my shorts that I brought here from Slovakia. During the fall 2018 they were too big, in summer 2019 they were already too small… I stopped overeating during the evenings but I was driving the car all the time and drink beers daily. Sometimes I was laughing to my bartender-friend that I want my dinner menu: Doritos and beer. And I haven´t already mentioned all the weekends I spent with another friend with who we were eating through like pigs. Fortunately, thanks to the fact I was taking care of four kids, I was still in the move and my condition wasn´t that bad as it became later in San Francisco.

Let me tell you this: I didn´t lose those 13 pounds but surprisingly I didn´t gain more. The old clothes that I sent home changed the new ones and actually the shock from those 13 pounds I experienced after I came back home to Slovakia when I found out that almost none of my pants fit me anymore. In San Francisco it was like a vacation for me. I was taking care of one kid only and all we did was either playing games or going to the museums. The ugly truth that this appeared on my body came up half of year later when “me as a sport girl” almost died during a three minutes long cardio warm-up. My body was recovering from this experience during the following three days during whose I could have barely sat down on a toilet or laid down. And this happened after I thought that I was finally eating regularly and having quite balanced food regime with plenty of fruit. But calories I gained from alcohol obviously betrayed me and I was cheering up myself at least with the fact that I´ve heard that after au pairs come back to their home countries, they “just like that” lose weight to back before the US. Ugh… maybe if they don´t come to a two-week long quarantine and a state ordered restriction of moving.                 

Is it true that after a person comes back from the US “just like that” loses weight?

Well, I don´t know. As I already mentioned, I came back during the times when all the sport activities were regulated to home-workouts. But let´s be honest with each other – who likes doing workouts at home? Personally I was suffering even in a gym since comparing to a gymnastic hall where I was training and couching before the US, it was simply boring. After I overcame the jetlag, my friend and I agreed on a daily workout plan. I lasted three days. Then, another friend texted me: “Train with Jany Landl on Instagram. He live streams every morning at 9am and he saves it up for the following 24 hours… Every time I train with him, I am sore. He is amazing…” Skeptically I looked up his profile and to be honest, my first impressions about him were following: OMG, another Bratislava´s frat boy and a vegan. LOL…

On the other side I was too curious to see his workout style and so I found his live video. He was doing a workout with little kids and I froze within a second. He was just amazing: the style he was couching and talking to kids; workouts he was doing with them were great; music that was playing in the background was hilarious and lastly the energy that was shining from him was so powerful. The sticker I gave him, I immediately removed, I jumped out from the couch I was sitting on and started training with him (yes, I did a kid´s workout)! On the next day I did a regular workout with him and then my famous days during which I could have barely moved from my bed happened. I started liking Jany and his jokes about our workouts so much that I´ve been training with him until nowadays. Thank you!

Few words for a conclusion

I suppose that half of the people who just read this blog are thinking that a girl like me isn´t fat at all, being like peaches and cream is hot and girls with six pack don´t look feminine at all etc… Let me assure you that I really didn´t care about those 13 pounds that much. I would never give up on candies and as long as the fridge wasn´t empty, I wasn´t starving. I would have survived even the fact that I couldn´t fit into my old pants. But the reality that after I walked up on the second floor I was breathing harder than my 70-years old neighbor, was terrifying and honestly, pretty sad. A one can be tiny as a stick but if their young body is “covered by dust and frowzy” more than an old book you never opened since Christmas 2016, they can´t be surprised if they have back or knee pain as much as their 80-years old grandmas.     

McDonald´s, Subway, Burger King, Dunkin´ Donuts, Starbucks, KFC, Taco Bell, Wendy´s, Domino´s, Five Guys, In-N-Out Burger and Chick-fil-A. All of these are the names of the fast foods across the US where I ate at least once. Despite my daily hour in a gym my stomach was slowly but surely changing into aspic and don´t try to tell me that a jelly stomach is sexy. Now I´m back in Slovakia and the other day I was surprised that Slovak Kofola (something like a Coke) wasn´t sweet at all. My taste buds are slowly changing “back to normal” and my stomach aspic is gradually disappearing. My body is reviving from America´s sugar shock and getting back to where it was over a year ago. I already put away my rose-colored glasses about not gaining a pound in the US and thanks to that I´m not ashamed to walk the stairs again anymore.