What I´ve learnt during the past couple of months

What I´ve learnt during the past couple of months

After four months I´ve returned from my travels. First month I spent in Costa Rica where few days before leaving back home I told myself to try luck, apply for ESTA and buy a flight ticket to the US. At the immigration they would either let me enter the country or they´d send me back. The interview at the borders was so unpleasant and weird that I felt as a potential terrorist but they did let me in. I had tears of happiness in my eyes but I was also sweating and gasping as I was running to my gate since the questioning at the immigration lasted way too long and I almost didn´t catch my connecting flight to Seattle. Finally, I made it on time, I had spent three more months in the US and now it´s the time to share with you the reasons why I am happy I had an opportunity to try living on my own in a foreign country.

#1 I enjoy coffee

Before I left I used to be one of those people who don´t talk and may even kill before having a sip of a morning coffee. Now it has changed. In the US I stopped drinking coffee just because I just woke up. Of course, sooner or later I drank it. But there were several differences. For example, I didn´t have a coffee machine there with me, and I boiled the water in the very same pot as I used for cooking. The coffee I used to buy wasn´t that tasty as the one my mom buys back home. And I had to sniff the milk I poured into it to make sure it was not spoiled. Going out for a coffee became a luxury that I did only occasionally and so I have discovered the magic of drinking coffee. I enjoyed it´s delicious taste that I hadn´t tasted before when I drank coffee as it was a water.  

#2 Money, money, money…

Of course, because money talks. Ever since I was fifteen I was taking part time jobs and tried to be independent as much as I could. What I found out was that there is a difference in “living independently in Slovakia” and quitting my job, moving out of my home country, having no income, paying for my health insurance and being on the other side of the world. Story of my life. When I came to Seattle I knew that if I don´t get a job as soon as possible, I´d probably have to leave back to Slovakia straight away. Fortunately, that didn´t happen and I realized the value of money. I thought twice if I really needed that cute branded bag for $150 just because the very same bag in Slovakia costs $300 or if I really need to eat candies every day. If I want to be convenient and eat in restaurants or get chubby for cheap money in fast foods because I couldn´t cook. You can´t cook? You´ll learn it. And so I did, actually I have to say that I enjoy cooking! By the way, cooking is very simple. I have no idea I didn´t realize that earlier.   

#3 I took care of myself

Maybe I didn´t live in a luxury place but it didn´t mean I´d have stopped taking care of myself. I had a place to stay, I cooked my meals and based on the way I acted no one would have guessed what a burrow I lived in. In my 120×80 inches room I regularly did workouts, I always dressed up nice when I went out or to work and I never underestimated myself. Into my diary I wrote my thoughts, observations and memories and many of them I will share with you very soon. I spent a lot of time by myself and I´ve learnt a lot about myself, too. For example, that I am probably insane if I don´t mind sleeping basically on the floor and kill a bed bug sometimes. Well, what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger. And so, as I was excited for the day of moving out of that place, now I have to admit that I am starting to missing it.

#4 A friend in need is a friend indeed

My great advantage was that I had lived in Seattle before. At that time, I was an au pair and I didn´t realize what a good life I used to live. Okay, once I found a big spider in my bed and until today I am not sure which one of us was more scared but I had a place to sleep, always cooked meals, special card for the public transport, gym and grocery stores and a job for sure. If only my host family didn´t treat me the way they did, I could have said I lived a dream. But what is important about living in Seattle at that time is, that despite I spent only three months there, the friendships I created back then have been lasting until now. And thanks to that I had a place to stay during the first three weeks there, got a bed (a foam), kitchen inventory and even a pillow! There was always somebody willing to help me. From my new friends I got a job, pepper spray, alcohol and all the others things you need to survive… And I am very grateful for that 🧡

So, to sum it up: the best memories happen when we decide to cross the borders of our comfort zone. During four months I´ve learnt and experienced such things I´d never even dreamt about. I had good days but also bad days. Every bad experience has taught me something. And are you wondering how was I overall? I had a great time and during the following weeks I´ll be telling you about it.