What happens when I go to Seattle to get some rest

What happens when I go to Seattle to get some rest

After about two years of traveling I decided to go on a vacation without having any plans. I have heard that people call it relaxing. I went to my favorite city Seattle thinking that I will spend those days by writing blogs and drinking beer and playing pool and trivia during the evenings. I successfully accomplished my “evening mission” but I haven´t written not even one blog. On the other hand, I have met an amazing guy J thanks whom I came back with so many memories. And so I´d like to share few of them with you.

It all began when my Seattle-friend texted me if I have any plans while I´ll be there. I said no and so he sent me a link that referred to a hike on a bridge asking me if I was interested in joining him and few other people. Of course I never opened this webpage and I just said “I´m in.” I thought that a little bit of workout after my Californian road trip would be more than accurate… But at that time I had no idea what was waiting for me…  

After a night with almost no sleep (obviously my body still didn´t get used to sleeping in six different beds during the past nine days – spoiler alert: look forward to a blog about Californian road trip) at 9am our alarm clock rang. An hour later drinking my morning coffee we met the main leader of the trip – J who gave us a brief presentation about safety during the trip. I was telling myself – we are just going on a hike, what can be so dangerous about it… About two hours later we arrived to Shelton´s suburbs where we parked our car, put backpacks on and went for an easy, about an hour long hike through the forest. I was telling myself that my new Vans obviously weren´t the best shoes for such a trip… And then suddenly we came to our destination – Vance Creek Bridge. Vance Creek Bridge is the second highest railway arch bridge in the US. It was built in 1929 and it´s 347 feet high. On the iron construction you will find wooden boards which are slowly but surely falling apart. Some of them aren´t stable, another ones are missing. The goal of our hike was clear – make it to the other side of the bridge. I will tell you one thing – next time when someone sends me a link for an attraction, I will open it and read it. For heights “lovers” just like me this untraditional hike was one big nightmare. Despite during the whole walk through the bridge there was always somebody next to me holding my hand, my final balance was following:

– two times I stopped in the middle of the bridge saying that I´m not going anywhere (further nor back)

– few times I ALMOST had a mental breakdown

– about ten times I almost threw up (luckily I hadn´t eaten a lot that day)

– and about thirty times I felt completely dizzy

I have to admit that I had small complications on this hike but at the end I successfully walked this bridge twice (because we decided to come back and have a picnic in the middle of the bridge). And I have to say that this was one of the most intense experiences of my past few years. Sometimes I walked by myself, sometimes I was yelling and shaking from fear but at the end it was an amazing experience. And it really worth that beautiful panoramic view.

Two days later, on the New Year, my Vans suffered again. We went to a wintery wonderland hike and snowshoeing on a Gold Creek Snowshoe Trail.

I really wasn´t expecting such a hike and so I was really excited when J told me that he had supplemental pants and jacket. My jacket got soaked already before the hike… At least back at home I had this great idea to wear two socks on each leg. I am not saying that it was very helpful (my shoes were wet for three days after the hike) but at least I was warm until the moment when I sank into the snow for the first time. In the middle of the hike we put the snowshoes on and our cardio could have started. With an amazed impression on my face thinking that I was walking like a duck I really enjoyed this. About two hours later I was completely tired ready to go home and sleep. The weather wasn´t the best but as J said: “If the weather isn´t amazing it doesn´t necessarily mean that we can´t have an amazing time.” And he was right. We are not made of sugar, right.     

So what is the conclusion and what I have learnt from these two trips? Always read the details and stop being surprised if it rains in Seattle. And do you know where my waterproof jacket is? Home in Slovakia hanging in my closet. Because why would I keep something practical here… But honestly I can´t wait to get some more relaxation in Seattle again. Because J has much more adventures to offer !