Waltz, foxtrot, polka and beer (September 21st 2018)

Waltz, foxtrot, polka and beer (September 21st 2018)

Seattle, city well known for its music scene offers a lot. I really like webpage thestranger.com where you can find a lot of concerts, theatre shows, movies, festivals and much more events that are happening there.

It was Friday morning and I told myself that I should start to socialize with people. Because during my evening walks around our neighborhood I can´t meet many people. There are just houses and city parks… So I looked up what was happening tonight and at the end I was deciding between punk-metal concert or dancing on the Broadway street.

Scared as a little kitty I walked into a dancing hall. When suddenly a nice Chinese girl Christina came and talked to me. She came here to dance with her husband Chris. Then there was also one boy who was staring into his iPhone, very nice instructor and an old lady who never got married (she told me!)

My optimism that I had when I came was gone pretty fast. Let me tell you why. The first dance movement that we were learning was march (we had 30 minutes to learn it before the DJ came). I thought it will be marching. And I was actually right! We were marching and counting steps for about 5 minutes. I told myself that if waltz is similar then it´ll be easy to learn. Well… a little bit boring and posh but easy. During marching you feel like a princess because you march with a proud face but that´s just beginning. After a while you realize that right hand that you hold stretched sideways hurts you and you need a change.   

“Okay, I see that you´re doing well, let´s learn the second step,” the lector said. You put your right hand that still hurts you across your partner´s left hand and then you just walk. And feel good again. But this feeling doesn´t last long either because your legs start hurting! But it´s time to learn the third step.

For me it was a crucial moment because we had to stand against our partner and then the lector explained us where to put our left hand, what kind of angle has to be your elbow, how to hold your partner with your right hand and what to do with legs so you won´t step on each other… In English. I felt so bad for my dancing partner who tried to lead me but what I did I´d call more like “step on everything you can”. After about 10 minutes my skills got better and I was “just” falling over his legs and in this moment we had to learn the final move (because there wasn´t time for more).

I´d love to explain you the very last move but I don´t know how. When the lector saw my absent-minded face I think she looked at me like I was an idiot and asked me if I understood how to make a turn. I gave her a look and barely said: “no”. Seriously if somebody would ask me what my name was in that moment, I think I would be wordless. So she explained it to us again. Just because of me, haha. Do you know that feeling when you just “turn off” and don´t pay attention what is happening around you? So: one step forward, then another leg, then count: two-three, left leg turn, don´t stop counting, four-five, right leg to the left leg – six and vualáááá after 5 minutes of torture and switching of two dancing partners , lost nerves and completely covered by sweat I made it!    

And then the DJ came. A guy with a gasmask on his face. We were threatened watching him and somebody asked him if there is a gas blow back. The guy answered something I didn´t understand but everyone was calm and they started dancing again. Meanwhile another two couples came and the Friday party could begin!   

Turned out that the DJ could dance as well and let me tell you I don´t think you can experience more fun than dancing with a guy wearing a gasmask. Awesome! And he also taught me how to dance foxtrot. And Christina taught me and Chris how to dance polka. Because “in Canada´s Alberta everyone knows how to dance polka!” So now even in Seattle we do know.

And what is better than having a beer with your new friends after a such exercise?  

PS: The only beer I liked so far was pineapple cider that tasted like a juice actually. On the other side in Seattle´s Downtown should be a place where they have about 200 beers! So there is still a small chance that I´ll find a beer I like eventually.

PS 2: I had to ask Christina why the DJ was wearing a gasmask. I told myself that since I came to the US some people are just strange but still… this was a highlight. And do you know what she said? He just had a dust allergy!

And what did you do on Friday evening? 🙂