Two-times-two equals four hours in the NYC (September 9th-September 12th 2018)

Two-times-two equals four hours in the NYC (September 9th-September 12th 2018)

I gave this article weird but apt name. But let´s start from the beginning.

… On September 9th at 10am I flew away from Vienna´s Schwechat airport. 9 hours later of the very same day I landed on the Newark airport in New Jersey.   

Let´s go a little bit more back in the time. It happened on September 8th when I woke up and still felt sick. As I blew my nose, suddenly a blood apocalypse happened. It took me and Prcek an hour long effort to finally stop it and then we went to the hospital. I got an electrocoagulation and the doctor told me: “You should be fine now. But it might happen that you´ll nose bleed again. If that happens you have to come immediately.” And then she added: “There is absorbent cotton just in case you´ll start nose bleeding in the airplane. Actually it´s very probable that it´ll happen because of the pressure there.” And then she let me go (spoiler alert: nothing happened).

When it was less than 12 hours to leave, another problem had occurred. I started feeling very sick and I ended up lying in my bed. I was crying that I don´t want to go anywhere because I don´t feel well and I am sick. I have no idea how I made it but I took so many pills and I´ve survived 9 hours long flight this way. I mean, I almost threw up twice but at the end I didn´t. So it wasn´t that bad.

After I successfully survived my first flight on my own (and I had a fear of flying at that time!) I landed here – in the New Jersey´s airport Newark. I was so excited and singing a theme song of Sex and the City as I was walking out of the plane. On the other side, in the same time I was in a completely different world. I was in a New York City for three days to attend an au pair orientation and then I was moving out to Seattle, WA. But I´ll talk about it later…  

The following day we spent all day with a presentation about how to drive in the US. They have some interesting rules I remembered. For example there are crossroads where all the roads have a STOP sign. Do you know how to drive on these ones? Well, you need to count – who comes first, leaves first. Or you can make  a right turn even if you have a red light but only if there´s no sign “don´t turn on red”… There are more of those but these two were the most interesting for me…. So, at 5pm we finished our educational part of the day and what to do next? Let´s go to the NYC!!! It took us an hour in a train to make it to the Grand Central Terminal where me and my new friends divided into two camps: Brazilians and me, my roommate Maria and Melissa. What Maria and I didn´t know was that Melissa has already been an au pair in NYC so she knew how to get anywhere. She took us to the first aisle, then another one, suddenly we were in a subway and then here we go – Times Square!  

We made a few pictures when Melissa asked us where we want to go next. Everywhere! But we were under a time pressure because I don´t even know why we thought that the last train to our neighborhood was leaving at 8pm and it was already after 6pm. I said Central Park. We were hurrying up to make it there and we passed Rockefeller square, St. Patrick´s Cathedral and since Maria wanted to go and grab a drink too, we changed our direction and we started to look for a nice bar. Girls got some fancy colorful drinks, I got a beer, we quickly drank it and then in a rush were running back to the train station at Grand Central Terminal. And when we came there we found out that the last train was leaving at 1am. But since we were exhausted after a long day (and the time change!) we decided to go back to the hotel. Because we knew that on the following day we´ll go to NYC on a sightseeing anyways. Plus we knew that there was a hot dinner at the hotel waiting for us. So we left on our train, the train we thought was the very last one…         

On the next day we had a lot of lectures about how to be a good au pair and they told us so many au pair stories… Some of them were unbelievable! After that we went to NYC bus sightseeing. Our guide was terrible. He was like: so there is a fountain and you can see a sculpture of the hawk I see even without telling me… On the other side I could feel him because girls actually weren´t interested in the history and him.  

After an hour we stopped at our first stop the Top of the Rock. From here you can see Rockefeller square and the whole NYC! This is also the place where people take a picture with Empire State Building. We could spend here an hour and me and Maria got lost of course. They told us that if we get lost or be late and then miss the bus, then we´ll have to find a way to the hotel on our own. That is a nice threat, right? We were so lucky that we came here the previous night and I remembered some of the streets because otherwise we´d get completely lost. When we finally came to the bus, terrified Melissa was looking at us asking where did we go. The bus was waiting for us only…  

Another stop was at the Times Square! With Maria we were walking around, we bought T-shirt and sweatshirt I love New York (must have)! We had some time to make pictures and we got lost again. But this time we seriously almost missed the bus).

From here we did a classic ring tour around the NYC and we finished at the river Hudson from where we saw the Statue of Liberty and city of New Jersey. Today was also the anniversary of bomb attack to World Trade Center (September 11th 2001) and there were two flashes shining into the sky.

This small trip lasted for 5 hours! I also came to a conclusion that if you really want to explore NYC and find out how it is then you´d have to live here for at least a year… But there is one thing I´m really not jealous of – New York subway. You can hear a lot of stories about homeless that sleep there and rats etc… But as long as you´re not there and don´t experience it you can´t really imagine what do people mean if they talk about this subway. The smell was really impressive… unforgettable.  

So this is it: my two-times-two hours in the New York City.

See you in Seattle!