Three Tastes of Slovak Miami (Nitra)

Three Tastes of Slovak Miami (Nitra, June 30th 2020)

Everyone´s been saying that Slovakia is a beautiful country and these pandemic times give us a great opportunity to discover it closer. Travelers from all around Slovakia posts tips where to go on a trip to the nature. I´ve never been that kind of person who goes hiking or to discover the natural scenery but I´m about to change that this summer. I told myself that I was going to start easily and so with my brother we went to see Nitra for a day. We also didn´t go there by a highway (that´s pretty boring honestly) but we took the old road. Okay, the truth is, that we didn´t take a highway because we didn´t want to buy a highway stamp for one day only…

About two hours later we arrived to Nitra. We passed Senec, Kaplna, got stuck in Trnava´s traffic, passed the typical Slovak countryside and saw Trakovce, were amazed by white cedar whose disabled you to see Rišňovce because they planted them all around the main road (who knows what they´ve been hiding), passed Alekšince, Zbehy and finally we made it to Nitra, exactly at our first stop – the peak Zobor.

My brother told me that it´ll take us about 20-30 minutes to make it up to the peak. But when we came to the information board, I got terrified once I saw the two alternatives: 45 or 55minutes long hike up to the top. Well, of course we chose the 45 minutes long foot trail… At this moment I have to say that a foot trail is too overrated for what we walked through: it was usually a steep, rocky road. At least I came to a conclusion that converse are seriously a bad choice for a hike. Two times I almost twisted my ankle, three times I told myself that hiking is not a sport for me and for about 15 minutes I was grumbling about everything: insect, landscape, my condition, weather, thirst, hunger and I realized that my future partner cannot be a hike lover. It just won´t work out. Another seven minutes I had spent in silence because I lost my breath and the last 10minutes I was happy because I had found a second breath. Isn´t it amazing to take me on a hike? When I asked my brother if he doesn´t mind that I complain too much, he just said: “It is just the same as when I was here with mom two weeks ago.” And if you were counting with me, our hike took 32 minutes only. And the view really worth it. It was stunning.

One hour later we were already at the restaurant Castellum Cafe at Nitra´s Castle. It was eňoňuňo, delicious and I finally had my favourite duck meat. But let´s talk about something else now. From this Castle we saw Zobor´s peak and Dražovce church where I was planning to go for over three years! Nitra´s Castle is also very beautiful. We got here by an obscure staircase (three times hallelujah to app and comparing to the previous cardio-slippery-stone hike to Zobor this path was a staircase redemption. And trust me that local ladies walk this way even in high heels. Personally, I wouldn´t have risked that but if you can make it to the Bratislava´s Castle in high heels, you´re gonna make it pretty easily. And by the way, the entrance fee is only 50 cents but we didn´t pay anything, they just let us in for free… If you have a little bit more time to spend, I recommend to go and see the castle tower. I don´t know how about you but I´d feel up there like a princess. You know, one of those who spend all days by sitting or laying and waiting for her gallant prince to come and save her. Or until my hair grow as it happened to Rapunzel from Tangled and I´d save myself. And on my way out I´d meet my charming prince and then tell him about my beautiful view from the castle tower…       

And since I´m dreaming already, my prince and I would have taken a walk to Dražovce church where we´d watch the sunset. Because if you want a real Nitra´s romance this is the place you are looking for. A really nice path leads here and, on your way there you can collect few cherries (yeah, you can find them here) and at the end of the day you´ll just cuddle with your love. Despite I wasn´t cuddling with my brother, I really enjoyed this place.

Today we saw one place from three different places, three different angles. If you´re looking for a hike, little bit of history or a romance, you will find it in Nitra. Today we had the Three Tastes of Nitra.