The Place Of Delicious Cheese And Happy Cows: Switzerland (October 29th -November 5th 2021)

The Place Of Delicious Cheese And Happy Cows: Switzerland (October 29th -November 5th, 2021)

During my volunteering in Costa Rica I met a lot of amazing people. One of them was a Czech guy Martin who lives in Switzerland. It did not last long until we started planning how to add a short trip to this country distinguished by an amazing chocolate, delicious cheese, stunning nature and happy cows to my travel plans. As a result, at the end of October on my way back home to Slovakia, I made a short detour to Switzerland.

Cheese I Have Never Had Enough

Before I came here, I was not a huge fan of cheese. Sure, I would eat it and by the way I love Italian Parmesan. But then I tasted a 12-months old Swiss cheese and my taste buds experienced a food orgasm. Do you wonder what was my everyday question? “Are we going to eat cheese? I haven´t had one for a while…” Traditional Swiss meal is called fondue. It is a melted cheese mixed with wine and some spices served in a kettle that is constantly reheating. If you are ever around, this is a must taste. Another delicious meal is called raclette. Raclette is a melted cheese as well. Imagine a two-floor high grill. On the higher floor you put some baby potatoes and everything you like when grilled – in my case it were mushrooms, prosciutto and the pineapple pieces. On the lower floor in a small shovel you insert a cheese there and wait for it to melt. Once it´s done, put on a plate the baby potatoes, “pour out” the cheese over it and on the very top of it put the mushrooms and pineapple. If I could, I would teleport myself to Switzerland immediately just to eat these meals again.

A Place Where The History Meets The Modern Art

Gruyère is an amazing medieval city on a hill in the valley. Imagine walking around the lovely square where musicians play on the alphorns, then there is a magical castle, around you are colorful trees because it´s autumn and suddenly you come to the HR Giger Museum. If you´re not familiar with this name no worries, I still have a good news for you: I am pretty sure you have heard of him. Don´t tell me you don´t know the movie Alien or Alien vs. Predator. I am not a fan of these movies but I would highly recommend to everyone to come and visit this museum. I guarantee it will be an experience and you won´t be disappointed for sure. If the museum is not enough for you, you can always come to the bar right next to it that is made in the Alien theme. Gruyère is a very interesting city. And do you know what else I need to mention? A cheese factory La Maison du Gruyère. And now I promise, I´m done by talking about the cheese.

How I Saw Mont Blanc

It was easy: I took a ride in a cable car to the peak of mountain Moléson from where I could see the peak of Mont Blanc. You didn´t see this coming, right? Well, what I was not expecting was being so fascinated by the Switzerland´s nature. Whenever it was a view from Moléson or the lake Greyerzesee where we went. There were cows grazing everywhere and I, a stubborn hiking resistant person who prefers to take a cable car to the mountain´s peak admitted that if I lived there, I might have became a hiker. Or at least I would go skiing more often.

Cows, Bathroom And A Time For Resting

Personally I was surprised by Switzerland. While I walked through the beautiful Luzern, I got completely wet. I´ve seen the most amazing public bathrooms that were not even clean and large but there was also a soap, two electric flushers, a hand dryer, paper towels and a toiled paper. I could eat the Swiss cheese every day and I can say the same about their chocolates Toblerone and Lindt. These happy cows grazing around you are just so cute. If you´re speeding over 13miles per hour (which was normal to me in the US), they´d take your driving license. And if you decide to move your furniture or to drill during Sunday or the lunch time, your neighbors might call a police and you would get a ticket. Because this is a time for resting, not working. Also, did you know that the International Red Cross has been founded in Geneva, Switzerland? Switzerland is just an amazing country. At least until the moment you come back home and check your bank balance.