The Parcel´s Journey

The Parcel´s Journey

Many of you have read my story from the last year when my host family from San Bruno kicked me out of their place. It happened during one evening in March 2020. Long story short it was at the beginning of the pandemic when they forbade me to hang out with my friends, I broke this rule and since they were spying on me through my phone, I received a text message saying: “Please stay at that place tonight, don´t come here. We want to end the program, effective immediately… Good night, hope you´re having fun with your friends over there.” It was during the times when obtaining a face mask and disinfection was quite impossible and stores were getting closed. This was the beginning of my clothes´ journey.   

From my thoughtful family I got exactly two hours to pack my things. It took me 30 minutes and I needed 2 suitcases, one hand baggage, one backpack, a bag and a shopping bag. I really don´t understand where did all those things come from since I came to San Bruno with one suitcase only. Anyways, one of the suitcases was borrowed and there was no place to buy a new one at that time. So my only option was to go home with the most important things and the rest of it leave at my friend´s place and hope one day it´ll come to me. And I have actually received it: it took only 11 months and 2 weeks. And during those almost 12 months my clothes had gone through more exciting journey to Slovakia than I did. Sounds impossible?  

Because of the pandemic the package could have been handed over to the parcel shipping company six months later, at the end of September. But then December started and the parcel was still not coming, so I contacted the company asking what had happened. They apologized and told me to expect my package after the Christmas. They gave me my tracking number and I was checking on a daily basis how my package was doing. Slowly but surely it was coming closer until it arrived to the East Slovakia. The problem is I live on the West Slovakia. Nevermind. Millions of phone calls and emails followed this misunderstanding. By some kind of a miracle (because GDPR) I found out there was actually no misunderstanding and I found a contact information of the lady who received “my” package. I mean hers. Turned out the tracking number I got didn´t belong to me but to someone else.

Meanwhile I found out that my parcel with this other one had left San Francisco during one beautiful rainy December day. They were loaded to a truck and in few days they arrived to New Jersey. In New Jersey they were moved into a cargo to Poland where they saw each other for the last time. While our friend traveled further to its owner, my parcel was retained on the borders because of some toll issues. Few days later it was sent back on a cargo to New Jersey where a truck was already waiting for it to bring it back to San Francisco and suddenly it was at the beginning of its journey. Cool, isn´t it? Nevertheless, thanks to the good will of my friends they took it to Los Angeles and sent it from there to Slovakia. Exactly two weeks later, on March 10th a courier called me saying he had a package for me. My 55 pounds parcel arrived. 

It could have been a nice happy end if something didn´t screw up. Some of my clothes were missing there. First it was about five pairs of leggings. Then a sport bra was missing. Suddenly I couldn´t find my shirt from the American Red Cross volunteering.

And at the end I remembered that I was missing the most perfect foot scraper I have ever had. If I was able to get over it and pretend I do understand when people open other´s parcels and steal things from there (what I actually don´t understand), my brain freezes when someone needs to steal a foot scraper. And do you know the funniest thing about it? My magnesium pills probably didn´t interest anyone since I received a full 100 pills pack.

Enjoy the rest of your day and learn the lesson from my story: if you want to smug some drugs from the US, feel free to use the Polish company. They´re obviously not interested in them.