The Day When I Donated My Blood For The First Time

The Day When I Donated My Blood For The First Time

In my recent blog I wrote that during my staying in the US I volunteered for the American Red Cross. It was an amazing experience, I was delivering blood and blood products, knew hospitals in San Francisco better than those in Slovakia and had an opportunity to get the certificate from the first aid and manipulation with defibrillator. I enjoyed this volunteering that much that after coming to Slovakia I tried to join the Slovak Red Cross but because of the pandemic situation it wasn´t possible. That was the day when the Plan B came into the game.  

B as my Brother´s Birthday to Be. He came up with an idea to celebrate his 18th birthday with my other brother and mom in the National Transfusion Service. But you know what always happens: a man proposes but fate disposes. Just few days before my brother´s birthday he broke his hand and the whole event of blood donation was over. After that we just weren´t able to organize our schedules for a certain date. Because this was supposed to be mine first-time blood donation, after all I decided to go there by myself.

By the end of April the day of my Plan B happened. After a large sweet breakfast and 10 times of emptying (I was being told to drink a lot) I entered the National Transfusion Service. I came in, got a pair of shoe covers, filled out a short questionnaire and wrote a note that I wish my blood to be donated to my brother´s friend´s aunt. Then they took from me a small blood sample and I went for a quick check to the doctor. This all took about 10 minutes. Then the doctor checked my always low blood pressure and announced me that mine 100/65 was limiting to let me do the donation. It was the good news and the bad news in the same time. Why bad? Because I could have simply fainted. But I told myself that if I faint, they´ll just slap me and I´ll wake up which is not that bad, right? To make my blood pressure higher I drank a second cup of black coffee today and went to the bathroom and did some squats. Little bit sweaty I entered the room for the blood drawing. I must admit that sticking the needle into my vein didn´t give me any pleasure but after a while I didn´t even realize my blood was drawing. The nurses were really nice and asked me every now and then how did I feel and even the doctor came to check on me twice! We had a nice conversation, I told them what was the American Red Cross like and after the drawing they let me lay there for about 20 more minutes (because of my low blood pressure and also because this was my first-time donation). Before I left I´ve had about 20th cup of tea today, got a sandwich, shopping ticket and the donor´s legitimation. Contentedly I entered the street when suddenly…

 No, I didn´t faint. There was a guy waving at me. Of course I didn´t understand why was that, I had my headphones on, so even if he was yelling at me, I couldn´t heard him. But despite that I started to look around to find “a problem” I had. I didn´t see anything wrong but as I came closer to him he pointed his finger on the ground. I looked at my feet and then I saw it… I left wearing the shoe covers! With a laugh I thanked him and came back to the hospital. There the doctor and I laughed together and she said it happens to her all the time. In front of the hospital I saw the blood delivery car and with the nostalgia I went home. It was a nice Plan B day.