The City Where The Famous Corduroy Pants Were Invented: Manchester

The City Where The Famous Corduroy Pants Were Invented: Manchester

In the middle of January I lwent to Manchester to visit my friend Maja. My trip started brilliantly: the night before traveling I was in the city center and came home only a few hours before leaving to the airport. After I arrived to Manchester, instead of buying a tram ticket, I got the train ticket. And my tram didn´t go to the city center, but it terminated somewhere in the middle of a field about 15 minutes by Uber from Maja. But here I enjoyed a very nice moment with the local kids who helped me to carry my 50 pounds heavy suitcase up the stairs and gave me a welcome beer. Shortly before the midnight I finally arrived to Maja´s.

The Place Where Girls Are Never Cold And You Get Drank On Saturday Afternoon

The very fist week in Manchester was amazing: the sun shined and there was no sign of the well-known English weather. However, the English were telling me that I was just lucky and to wait for a couple more days when everything will change. And they were right: the sunny week passed and the ugly month full of awful weather had arrived. It was raining, sometimes it was sunny and then the hail was falling. I loved it.
English are used to it. It is about 50 degrees of Fahrenheit and cloudy but the girls would wear crop tops. Especially the Friday and Saturday night is something that a men´s eyes want to see: no matter how bad is the weather, girls would always dress up in a short dress and a high heels while I would shake from cold in the pants and a jacket next to them. As I´m talking about the weekend, Saturday is a very social day, mainly for men. Right afternoon they go drinking to the pubs (bars). During one Saturday, when Slovakia played for the bronze medal in the ice hokey in Peking, I walked around the city and tried to watch the game in my phone. Unfortunately the screen was freezing, so eventually I turned it off. When suddenly I happened to be next to a bar called Box with about 20 TV screens. Guess what came to my mind: let´s go inside and ask them if they can play the ice hockey game on one of those screens. Because they played football (my dear American friends, I am talking about soccer) on all of them. As I walked in, all eyes looked at me. I tried to look for the waitress but instead of that I saw a bar full of men staring at me. I finally found the waitress and asked her if that was possible. She had to ask her supervisor and her supervisor had to ask the bar´s manager. She was a really nice person and said there was no problem with my request. Well, turned out there was a one – we found out that none of the English sport channels had been streaming the ice hockey championship. So I sadly left and while I was waiting in a queue in front of the John Rylands Library, on my freezing mobile screen I noticed, we had won the medal. And so, in the middle of the street, I started jumping from the joy and to all of the people waiting around me in the queue I had to tell Slovakia has won the ice hockey bronze medal!

Angličania sú však na takéto počasie zvyknutí. Vonku je asi 10°C, zamračené, ale dievčatá tu bežne chodia v crop topoch. Obzvlášť piatkové a sobotňajšie večere sú jedna radosť pre pánske oči: nech je tu počasie akékoľvek, dievčatá si nahodia minišatičky a štekličky, zatiaľ čo ja sa vedľa nich trasiem od zimy v rifliach a bunde. Keď už sme pri tom víkende, sobota je pre nich veľmi socializačný deň, obzvlášť pre chlapov. Hneď poobede sa vyberú do pubov piť. Raz v sobotu, práve keď sme počas olympiády v Pekingu hrali o hokejový bronz, prechádzala som sa mestom a snažila som sa pozerať tento zápas na mobile. Strašne mi to však sekalo, tak som to vypla. Keď zrazu som išla okolo pubu Box, v ktorom som videla asi 20 televízorov. No hádajte, čo mi napadlo: pôjdem dnu a opýtam sa, či by mi na jednom z nich nepustili hokej. Všade totiž hrali futbal. Vošla som dnu, všetky oči na mne. Hľadám obsluhu, namiesto toho vidím pub plný chlapov, ktorí si ma zvedavo obzerajú. Prídem ku čašníčke a pýtam sa jej, či mi môžu pustiť hokej. Tá zavolala svoju šéfku a šéfka zavolala svoju manažérku. Manažérka bola úplne super a povedala, že mi ten hokej pustí. Smutný okamih však pre mňa nastal vo chvíli, keď sme zistili, že na žiadnom anglickom športovom kanáli ho nevysielajú. Tak som teda odišla a zatiaľ čo som stála v rade na vstup do John Rylands Library, na mojom sekanom priamom prenose z mobilu som zistila, že sme vyhrali. A tak som uprostred ulice začala skákať od radosti a všetkým čakajúcim okolo seba som začala hovoriť, že Slovensko vyhralo hokejový bronz!

When You Are Craving For Something Traditional

English cuisine is very… boring. That´s what my English friend said and I kinda agree with him. You can get fish and chips everywhere and their chips which are actually super thick french fries I can´t even smell anymore. I decided to go to a special place for the fish and chips for a lunch, to The Chippy on Burton Road in the middle of a beautiful rainy day. My brother who was preparing for his finals told me there was one article about Britain and they mentioned this place in terms of fish and chips in the UK. Honestly, the best about this meal was the sauce – gravy.
Another English classic is English breakfast. This one is a catch: you can enjoy it as a lunch or a dinner. It is a fried egg, sausages, baked bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and a toast. By the way, beans are super popular as a side dish here. And it wouldn´t be me, if I didn´t go for the English breakfast to the only place in the whole Manchester where they actually don´t serve it.
The last piece to my English specialties collection is Yorkshire pudding. One English boy once told me: I am as English as Yorkshire pudding! So I told myself that I had to taste it (the pudding of course). In England you can find plenty of puddings – black pudding, white pudding or Yorkshire pudding. One thing is sure – it has nothing to do with our Slovak pudding. Yorkshire pudding is a tasteless doughnut which you pour into some kind of sauce. White pudding is something like Slovak jaternica and black pudding reminds me of krvavnica. Very well, they know what is good!
Talking about food, did you know that the word “tea” means more than a regular tea? I am going to have a tea can mean three things at the same time: I am going to have an actual tea (highly unlikely), drink a beer or going to eat. Why not.

And Then I Saw Ronaldo

How can you come to Manchester and don´t go to a football game? Easily – that would be me, if at least two of my friends hadn´t told me that it is a must. I doubt they read my blogs but just in case you do, cheers!
Anyways, there are two teams: Manchester United (where Ronaldo currently plays) and Manchester City (I have no idea which famous player is here but I guess there will be a one). So, I booked two tickets to Manchester United game and hoped to see Ronaldo. United plays on the Old Trafford stadium which was about 20 minutes away from where I lived. It´s capacity is about 75 000 seats and during the game it was almost fully packed. To be honest, neither Maja or I are fans of football, so we were afraid to get bored. Not at all! The atmosphere was amazing and the game was over super fast. Super fast were gone also all the hot dogs in the bar on our floor. Our seat were very lucrative, we were seated almost at the very top of the stadium but at least it didn´t rain on us. Just in case we took binoculars but it wasn´t necessary at the end because even though it didn´t seem like that, the view was pretty good. And let me tell you that Ronaldo is hot!

When You Want To Go On A Trip But Don´t Know How

There was one thing I really didn´t like about Manchester and it was the public transportation. Good old days in Slovakia. If you´re traveling around Manchester during the week, you shouldn´t have a problem to reach your destination. The problem occurs during the weekend (do you remember when I mentioned the tram that instead of taking me to the city center stopped in the middle of a field?) or outside of Manchester city. God forbid if you want to go out of the city during the weekend. You will eventually reach your destination but instead of 30 minutes of driving if you´d have a car, you will spend 2,5hours in the public transportation. It worth it! No.
At the end we did only one, but unforgettable trip. We took an Uber and went to the Rivington Pike Tower and the Liverpool Castle. By the way, the Liverpool Castle is only a replica of the original one and is not located near Liverpool at all. The hike was short but difficult. At first it was sunny, then it started raining, it was super windy all the time and at a certain point we got stuck and weren´t sure, if we want to continue to the top of the pike or turn around. We made it. Got completely wet but the view worth it. What I didn´t think through, were my shoes: white converse. After this trip they looked like I washed them in a mud and talking about mud, I found out the mud is slippery. That much, that I almost fell on my butt while hiking. My butt stayed clean but I couldn´t say the same about my jacket. As I said, it was a very memorable trip. After I came home, I took about 30 minutes long shower but I was shaking from being cold during the following four hours. At least my pants and a handbag survived. Yes, I took the handbag on a hike…

Manchester is just like you can see in the movies: industrial and slightly depressing. However it´s brick architecture is amazing and the thing I liked about it the most were huge windows that go from the floor to the ceiling. It means, that from Maja´s place I could have seen into apartments of at least six neighbors of the opposite building. And just like in Seattle, they don´t use umbrellas here. Don´t even bring it, just put a hood on. At the end let me mention that Saturday´s day drinking. I´ve tried it and it was fun… At 6pm I was ready to sleep.