Pura Vida in Costa Rica begins

Pura Vida in Costa Rica begins

Are you excited for your journey? That´s the question I´ve been getting these days. However it is also a question I´ve been asking myself. I´m about to leave in few days, and instead of shopping and packing I go to the doctors. “I´m falling apart like the house of cards” I replied to my orthopedist when he asked me how I was I doing.

Few months ago I found an organization Prales detěm that organizes volunteering projects in Sumatra´s rainforest. It shouldn´t surprise you that in the very same day I reserved a spot there too. Unfortunately the ongoing pandemic closed the Asian´s borders and so it was impossible to travel to Indonesia. Luckily at the same time volunteers from Prales detěm went to Costa Rica to build a similar project protecting the rainforest there as well. And so my plans switched attention to Central America.

I was being told that the life we were going to live in Costa Rica will be a Spartan life: we will be sleeping in the tents (do you remember as I swore last year I was never going to sleep in the nature again?), build the base camp during the day (so the future volunteers won´t have to sleep in those tents) and build the trails across the rainforest (maybe I´ll get a machete). We will also monitor animals living there (toucans, sloths, jaguars and pumas) and attend the night guard patrols. And let´s be honest with each other, who wouldn´t be excited to be at the beginning of something like this? Well, I am excited a lot. But I am afraid as well. Of the animals? No. Rainforest? Maybe a little bit. But what am I afraid of then?

Of my health. As the New Year has started I´ve been going to the doctors all the time. In December my lumbar joint hurt and so I went to the orthopedist that sent me to an X-ray. In January during our family trip I hit my tail bone and went to the orthopedist again. Then I fell from the monkey bar on the ice and hit my head and back. I went to the surgeon. I got migraines so I went to the neurologist and did an EEG. Then a month without any major health problems passed and slowly I started to do workouts again. I even believed there wasn´t any higher power trying to kill me anymore. But this period of time didn´t last too long because my knee started to hurt very soon. Since my self-treatment wasn´t successful, I had to see my orthopedist friend again. He sent me to the MRI of my knee but luckily it didn´t show any major injuries. I even got a question if it hurts me that much. Yes, it does is the answer. A month before departure I got a special injection into my knee, and then I couldn´t walk for a week but it should stop my knee pain soon. Then I had a massage and did a cupping therapy. And during this cupping therapy I was twisting in such a pain that it might look like an exorcism. I think directors of such movies do exactly these procedures to find an inspiration for their movies. But let´s be a little bit optimistic as well. I went to the dentist and he said my teeth were healthy. You wouldn´t believe how happy I was to hear this.

Many of you might already know that before my departure to US I was dealing with my teeth and never ending holidays of me and my dentist. First it was just a regular tooth pain, then my tooth ridge got inflamed, during my vacation in Croatia I got mycosis from the antibiotics, then my tooth started to gather and when finally my dentist and I came back from our vacations (so after a month), I called him and within an hour I was sitting in his chair, he was holding a big clams and extracting my tooth. 

It happened exactly four days before departure. Then I got cold and 24 hours before leaving to the airport we went to the DLO emergency because I started nose-bleeding and it couldn´t stop. I flew to the US with a strong cold and a hole in my mouth. That is not that bad, right? I think I just can´t leave Slovakia without drama. But during those 18 months I had spent in the US, I didn´t have any health problems (luckily). It lasted until the beginning of 2021 what is a nice balance I think.

Now, let´s get back to my question if I am excited for the travel. You know what, I am. I can´t wait for the adventure. Whatever happens, I believe that even my knee can´t wait for the mud wading and now it is just hurting to let me know it exists. So I should pay attention not only to how I look on the outside but also to take care of the inside. And I believe I still have a plenty of time to fix it.

However this trip ends, it will be fun. I have a feeling that very soon I´ll spam you with funny stories from my month long adventure.

Until then have a nice day, now I gotta go to another exorcism,