One day in San José (October 16th 2019)

One day in San José (October 16th 2019)

San José is a city located in Californian Silicon Valley. From San Francisco it will take you to about 45 minutes to come there and it´s a perfect place for a one day trip. Moreover, if you are on a way to LA, San José is just on your way and it would be a shame not to make a stop here at least for a day. So, let´s see how to plan such day.

Google, Stanford, Apple Park

In San José and its surroundings you can find headquarters of companies as Adobe Systems, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Intel, Oracle Corporation, PayPal, Yahoo! etc… Other than that you can find a prestige Stanford University in Palo Alto, so it´s just up to you what you decide to see. The only disadvantage of these companies is that you can be only in the outdoor area. And if you go to the Google, those bicycles we all know from the Internship movie are for employees only (we found out after we got kicked out of them by the Google security, ooops). On the other side, San José is a part of Silicon Valley so all of those companies are close to each other and you can easily make a short stop there. The Stanford University campus is amazing, if you go to Facebook company make a picture with Like and in Google you can make at least a picture with that fancy bicycle. In Apple Park which is located in San José is a Visitor Center where you can see through the virtual reality how does Apple Park look like from inside or buy an Apple shirt (you can´t buy those shirts any other Apple Stores).     

Winchester Mystery House

Have you seen the horror movie Winchester? Did you also think that director was lying when he said that the movie was based on a true story? I remember that movie very well and I´d never even dream that this house actually exists. And that famous Sarah Winchester seriously believed that she had been haunted by people who died by Winchester gun. So she bought this area and for unbelievable 38 years she was building and rebuilding it. You can find here 10 000 windows, 160 rooms, 2000 doors (some of them lead nowhere), 47 staircases and fireplaces, 17 chimneys, 13 bathrooms and 6 kitchens. A price for regular one hour long guided tour is in my opinion very expensive but as experience it really worth it!   

Downtown San José

Walk around nice streets of the Downtown. Enjoy a coffee in a cozy cafeteria (you will find here better places than a classic Starbucks). Take a peek in one of the three still existing Japantowns you can find in the US and its Japanese American Museum. Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is well-known for the biggest collection of Egyptian artifacts throughout the whole North America. Or if you love roses, take a walk in Municipal Rose Garden which is located straight next to the Egyptian Museum. There are so many options. If you love South Asian´s religions, stop by at Buddhist temple Trường Việt Ngữ tại Chùa An Lạc or in Sikh´s Sikh Gurdwara. I was in Sikh temple for the first time in my life here! But if you decide to go there, make sure you are properly dressed up and your head is covered.  

Evening plans? NHL game or Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Everyone can find here something interesting. If you like sports, go on a Sharks game. In the San José Downtown is a stadium SAP Center where an NHL games are regularly happening. You can park at the stadium or about 10 minutes of walk in the city center. The difference is that parking at the stadium is charged around $15-$25 and if you park on a nearby street as I did, it will be for free. And I have one more tip for you – if you want to save up time and money, bring all your personal things either in a see-through bag or come without any bags. The bags are because of the safety not allowed to bring to the stadium so you will have to put it to the locker room and buy a see-through bag.   

About 45 minutes away from San José is an amusement park Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Have you seen the horror movie Us? It was recorded over here. During the summer months the park is open all day and after the season only during weekends. You can come here also for a movie night or another events and festivals.


So what do you think – does it worth it to spend one day in San José?