Lulina myseľ: My Legendary Trip To The Northern Lights

Lulina myseľ: My Legendary Trip To The Northern Lights

I was so surprised when I found out that you can watch the northern lights from Scotland. Since I didn´t have a car and using a public transport would take half of the day (as you will learn later), in the Coachsurfing app I wrote I was looking for a travel buddy to watch the northern lights on Isle of Skye and Outer Hebrides.

It didn´t last long until a Greek guy texted me. Before the trip we went for a dinner to get to know each other a little bit. In the moment after I coughed and said aloud I was happy my cold was almost over, I started feeling first troubles. The Greek guy got scared and asked me if I had Covid. I said I just got a cold in the bus on my way to Edinburgh. He didn´t pay attention to anything I said and just kept on asking me to get tested. I replied that I was just fine and it was already the 10th day anyways since I started having runny nose/cough. We finished our conversation by a compromise that before the trip he would bring me a Covid test and I will get tested.

When he picked me up on Friday, he didn´t mention anything about Covid. So we left for a 7 hours long drive to Staffin on Isle of Skye. On this way I listened to one of the Aerosmith one and the very same album twice and the one from Akon for three times. Let me tell you, this experience is really not something a regular person wishes for but it didn´t matter, because I was happy he had a car so I kept my head down. We arrived around midnight and went to sleep. Then, the never ending night started: the Greek guy couldn´t fall asleep, he was wiggling around, whining, checking his phone and going to the bathroom all the time. I guess he decided that none of us would sleep if he can´t. I wanted to tell him off for so many times during that night because I wanted to get some sleep at least, but no, every time I told myself: “shut up, he has a car.” So I kept my head down again.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt like I was hit by a truck. The Greek guy was finally sleeping though. I took a shower, put make up on a started reading a book. Then he woke up and suddenly said: “Would you mind getting tested?” To be honest, I was pretty shocked that he asked me this question after spending over 18 hours together. I said “all right” and he left to take shower. While he was taking a shower, I was getting tested positive.

When he came back, I wore the respirator, the window was wide open and once he found out I was tested positive, he got a panic attack and started saying: “this trip is over” over and over again. I told myself that it was the worst thing that could have happened, to go back to Edinburgh now. Well, I didn´t know I was wrong. Once I put my backpack into the car, he took it out and gave it to me saying: “This trip is over!” I was just staring at him and then asked if he was leaving me abandoned on the street. He said of course, because I was getting tested positive. He also told me to quarantine and take the PCR test. He also sent me some websites and then he left. I was so lucky he had the car.

It was such a surprise but I handled it well. I think the reason why was, that I wasn´t able to listen to Akon´s album over again and spend another night in his company. I took a walk to the beach. Then I hitchhiked (of course I wore a respirator) and suddenly I saw some stones. It was Old Man of Storr. It´s some amazing stones with even more stunning view. A lovely couple dropped me off there and I went on a small hike. Once I reached the peak, guess who I saw – my Greek friend of course. After the hike I hitchhiked again and made it to Portree which is the capital city of Isle of Skye. I had a beer, played pool and for the first time in my life watched F1. I had two hours to spare before my bus to Glasgow arrived. It took seven hours until I reached Glasgow. We arrived around 10:30pm and I was able to catch the last train to Edinburgh. I arrived to my apartment building few minutes after the midnight.

When I became an apartment owner in Edinburgh for a while

After I arrived to Edinburgh where I planned to stay for a month, I found out that I could have stayed there for 10 days only. The guy living here was moving to Tbilisi, Georgia. However, after a couple of days he decided letting me staying there for longer for a small contribution because the rent was paid until the mid April anyways. My host was amazing. What was not amazing was the situation with the keys: we had two of them from the apartment but only one from the building. And he was moving out during the very same weekend while I was gone watching the northern lights. We agreed that once I come back, I will ring to some neighbor who will let me in. Once I´m inside the building, I can enter the apartment. The plan was good but none of us had thought that my return would be in the middle of the night. I started ringing to the neighbors. By the way, I really like the way these doorbells work like: you can turn it off anytime you want. So, once I started ringing, there was 32 options and of course no one was picking it up. When there was only 7 ring bells left, for the first time during that day I felt like crying: after I traveled over 370 miles during this day, I will end up homeless in front of the place I live in? I was just about to have a breakdown when suddenly a Wolt guy arrived, and rang into one of the few apartments I haven´t ranged yet. A happy girl picked it up and let him in. My tears of sadness changed into tears of joy. This was such a miracle. I opened a beer and after a long day finally laid down into my bed in the middle of Edinburgh. Life was amazing again.

Are you wondering what happened to the Greek guy? I haven´t heard from him, actually I owed him some money for the accommodation but he never asked for them and during the first night we didn´t see the northern lights. What we did see were big fires because at this time they burn the hay. And the nature up there is amazing as well. Trust me, one day I will come back here and travel around by hitchhiking.