Lost in New York City

Lost in New York City

It was Friday, May 24th, 7pm and I found out that during the following two days I was not going to work. Nikola was off as well and so we decided to make a trip to New York. New York is about 300km away from Boston and on Saturday lunch we came to NYC´ s Chinatown trying to find the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

Twenty minutes later after a medical walk while carrying all our backpacks we came there – to the promenade filled with people that lead to the Brooklyn Bridge. Tourists, runners, cyclists or New Yorkers on a romantic walk – everything was accumulated over here. For a while we were considering an idea to come here on Sunday at 5am for a sunrise and to enjoy this bridge only for ourselves. But then we ended up in a crowd and enjoyed a walk on the wooden logs that reminded me Bratislava´s old version of the Old Bridge and its magic (the ones who passed it just before they reconstructed it knows what I am talking about).   

Two hours later, after we walked around and made some pictures from all the angles, we stopped having any feelings in our arms. We went to the subway that took us to the Central Park because what kind of trip this would be if we didn´t get an accommodation in the center of Manhattan. We grabbed an ice cream to one hand, a hot dog to another one, coffee from Starbucks between them and sat down into the grass of the Central Park. Meanwhile as we were eating this fast food Nikola was unsuccessfully trying to make a boomerang for Instagram and I was thinking how many tourists are in this city, why is it so expensive here, what is the probability that a guy standing in front of you and reminds you your Slovak friend suddenly turns around and asks you: “Are you from Slovakia?” and why that hog dog seller gave me an ugly look when I added more mustard on my hot dog. Probably it wasn´t concluded in the final price…  

After accommodating in our beautiful 4* hotel with a broken bathroom door and see through wall to the room we went to an amusement park in Coney Island where we suddenly felt like on a place from America´s movies where we should meet our dream boy. In the real world you´ll be more than happy to have Nikola and actually you realize that your relationship is probably even better than the one with your dream boy. You are not ashamed by her when her face is all covered by a cotton candy, she will support you to go on a chain pony attraction because that was your dream, for 100% you won´t get into a fight with her and both of you are very patient in making your future-hopefully-usable pictures. An experience from a romantic beach walk is the same and you won´t get into a fight when you want to share a food! Correct, dinnertime!

Thanks to Facebook I found out that in NYC is a Czech restaurant Bohemian Hall and Garden Beer (where they told us about another Czechoslovakian restaurant Koliba). Since we haven´t had our home meals for several month, the dinner menu was easy – fried cheese and beef tenderloin (they were out of potato dumplings with cheese and bacon…). Let me tell you it was like being in a heaven. The food wasn´t the only thing there that made us feel just like home – interior of the restaurant looked like home, we were served by a guy from Košice (Slovakia) and in the garden there were Czechs and Slovaks! It didn´t last a long time until we got socialized with them. And what is the best way of socializing? Through drinking of course. With who we were drinking? With boys from Eastern Slovakia. How did we end up? Make up your own scenario…     

Sunday. After a morning napping we had to check out. We left our bags on the hotel and went to the Times Square. It is funny as the very same one spot is crowded by tourists 24/7 and it has a different magic during the day and during the night. You´ll see more during the day but you will have a nicer experience from all the screens if you come in the evening. We finished our photo shooting in a souvenir shop from where we took a subway to see the Flatiron Building. I have to say that for such a big metropolitan city as NYC the subway system is really simple (even for such a person with a bad orientation sense as I am). And if you are lost, you can always ask somebody for a help (in the worst case they will tell you: “I don´t speak English…” and you´ll be like… what?!). We left the subway on the 5th Avenue and started to look for a building we were passing all the time. Photo shooting Nr. 2 was done and all we had to do now was go back to the hotel, take our things and catch a bus. And we had an hour to do so. The problem that happened was that I forgot that after coming to NYC we were walking for 20minutes towards the Brooklyn Bridge and not to our hotel (where we had to take a subway). And so, very optimistically I counted that we can walk up and down through Manhattan within an hour twice. Well, that is impossible. Meanwhile Nikola went to the grocery store to buy us some snacks for the 5hours drive in bus and to order an Uber, I was running to our hotel to grab our bags. At 3:45pm we sat into a taxi and I asked the driver what are the chances that we will be in Chinatown by 4pm. He said “none”. We changed a desperate looks with Nikola and tried to google the agency that we booked our bus tickets with. And when at 4pm finally somebody picked up the phone saying: “How can I help you?” I started speaking with such fluent English as I never thought I can. Thanks God I told Nikola on Friday not to book the last bus to Boston because what if we don´t catch it and so luckily there was one more bus that was leaving at 5pm. And thanks God that there were two spots left in that 5pm bus that we booked with a small financial penalty. And meanwhile we had some time for a great Chinese chicken soup – yummy! Short after 9pm we came to our old friend Boston and before 11pm I was already half-dead lying in my bed.         

It has been almost nine months since I came to the US and now I´m marking one more place from all the destinations I wanted to see. It was an amazing trip where we finally felt like home. All we needed was to get lost for a weekend in a New York City.  


Accommodation   100 EUR

Transfers (Uber + subway) 50 EUR

Return bus ticket 60 EUR

Food                  66 EUR

Souvenirs           30 EUR