How we went to the NHL: Boston Bruins vs. New Jersey Devils … and how we got the last two tickets of the game

How we went to the NHL: Boston Bruins vs. New Jersey Devils … and how we got the last two tickets of the game

Boston is a city which is famous for its national sports: football (New England Patriots), baseball (I think everyone has already heard about famous Red Sox) and hockey (Boston Bruins where our Zdeno Chára plays).

Atlanta, GA, February 3rd: New England Patriots won the Super Bowl! Two days later there was a parade in Boston where about a million people gathered and I was there too. I´m not going to describe how it happened that I was there but I missed the parade (you can ask me in person) – literally I was there before and after the parade but I missed the parade… But other than that it was great! The weather was amazing and sunny and everybody was so excited to welcome out players.

Boston, MA, March 2nd. With Nikola we decided to spend our Saturday night at NHL game (Boston Bruins vs. New Jersey Devils). The only thing we didn´t have were the game tickets. We wanted to buy them in front of the stadium from the street sellers. It sounds easy right? We checked the online websites and prices for the tickets were around $125+. We were very optimistic and we were hoping for buying them for $50.   

When we came to the TD Garden we were thinking how to find out who is the seller. There were police officers everywhere when suddenly and old man mumbled: “Selling tickets.” We both got excited and we talked to him. Turned out that at that moment he didn´t have any tickets but he told us to come to him 30minutes before the game starts and he´ll have some tickets for sure. We were so grateful to him and we asked about the price. He said $100. Our excitement was suddenly gone and we asked him if he can sell them for a half price. The seller looked at us if we were joking but he also said that the price might go down – when the game begins. Spoiler alert: it didn´t happen.  

During the following 30minutes we were just walking around Boston streets around the stadium and by 6pm we knew all the street ticket sellers. Prices for the tickets were around $100-$150. We were also talking to people from Boston and they told us that getting a cheap ticket during the weekend is impossible. During the weekdays the prices can go down to $50-$70. However I work until 7pm and live an hour away from here it is impossible for me to make it. Our excitement had decreasing tendency and so we had to find an ATM and take out another $50 to have $100. That was supposed to be the cheapest price for today´s game.

We still had an hour until the game was about to start so we went to a bar. Later when we came back to the sellers they told us that ticket prices didn´t go down but up. We checked our mobile apps and we found out that they raised prices there as well…

It was 7pm and we were still outside watching a lady in TV singing American anthem. The game began. We made one last loop around the sellers and they told us that they sold all the tickets they had and they were on a way home already. One of them told us: “You should have taken them when I wanted to sell you for $120. Now it´s all sold out.” We also went to the tickets shop and they were old out there too. We were so sad when we came inside to the North Station where we were watching the game for a while. I told to Nikola: “Let´s go home, I´m cold.” As we stood up and were about to go to some Boston´s restaurant, suddenly we noticed two ticket sellers. Nikola said: “I´m not going to talk to them again but if you want go and ask them about the tickets.” I came closer to them and one of the sellers told me that he had the very last two tickets for the game and he asked us if we want them. Our sadness was suddenly gone and we asked for the price. He said $100 and he also promised to walk us to the entrance to make sure everything goes smoothly. And that´s exactly what he did. We were literally running up the stairs to the stadium and few minutes after the game began we were in our dream TD Garden. And the experience was amazing!

Huge stadium (I´ve never seen bigger) full of people dressed in Bruins clothes, Chára, Krejčí, Pastrňák, amazing atmosphere, you could feel the intensity before the game was over… It was something you need to experience while you´re in Boston! And if you ever go to Boston and you want to meet some of the hockey players we got a tip – we were being told that all of the players live close to the stadium and it is common that you can meet them in Boston´s street. They are nice, friendly, don´t have a problem to talk to you or make pictures with you. Oh I almost forgot… I´ve already met Ryan Donato from Minnesota Wild during a hockey game at Harvard (his brother Jack plays for Harvard Crimson)! And talking about sportsmen and their residences, most of the Patriots players live around Scituate where I live at this moment!  

And what´s next? Within a month the Red Sox are starting to play so see you from the Fenway Park!