Five Unusual Activities I like to Spend my Free Time with

Five Unusual Activities I like to Spend my Free Time with

Recently I got a question what do I like to do in my free time. After a short thinking I said that I like to travel, write blogs, do gymnastics, learn Spanish and read books. It is actually the truth but after I said it, I realized that I said the biggest cliché I could have said. And I didn´t even mention yet that most of my traveling happens by public transportation or in an elevator these days. Maybe I should write a blog about A Day in the Bratislava´s Public Transport. Or How is an Elevator Ride without the Light in the Middle of a Night. It is a very interesting feeling indeed. And so, I asked myself again: what do I like to do in my free time after I´m done with my workout and singing all the Spanish Shakira´s songs?       

1. I eat chocolate. Always and everywhere.

Like the other day when I came to a school buffet. I checked all the sweets they were offering and loudly said that I couldn´t decide between the waffle Mila of the chocolate bar Milka. At the end I bought the chocolate bar because as the Mrs. seller said: “One Mila would not be enough for you.” And I agree with her. Actually, I always have the same dilemma with wine. I never know if I want a glass or the whole bottle.          

2. Make dough

At the beginning I must say that I´m that kind of a person who hates to cook. While I was in the US, cooking meant such a threat to me as driving in Slovakia. After one and a half years I´ve learnt how to make pasta with ketchup and after five months back home I´ve created an amazing ham and eggs. But let´s talk about baking now. I don´t care if I bake cakes or a bread, there is one thing I enjoy the most in the baking process: making a dough. No matter if it´s the one for pancakes, sponge dough, puff pastry or my most favourite one the rising one (because you can “play” with it). I think this production process creates the same unexplainable kind of happiness and fulfilling as your kids feel while they spend hours by playing with the sand and water. They just love it. And as they grow older you´ll see that they´ll turn into some great pastry cooks! The only thing I really don´t enjoy is cleaning the mess that happens from the flour which ends up everywhere: in my hair, on my sweat pants, all over the table and on the floor. And the worst is the clocked sink…          

3. Send postcards

What does a regular person buy in a souvenir shop? A key chain? Magnet? A T-shirt? Once I met a girl who used to buy a sweatshirt in every American state she visited. Who knows what she was planning to do with 50 sweatshirts… But let´s go back into your childhood. Or at least into mine.

How many of you remember the feeling when you as a child went to a school filed trip for a week or a summer camp and received there a postcard from your mom, then grandma, another grandma, aunt, uncle, your dog and turtle? I don´t know how about you but I used to receive at least five postcards every time. For years I was enthusiastically collecting them until one day when… I threw them away. It was all together at least 70 postcards (I loved summer camps). I feel really sad that Generation Z probably has no idea what I´m talking about now. And actually, I have a feeling that people don´t send postcards anymore. And that´s when I come on the scene. Lula who sends postcards to her mom, grandma, another grandma, first-second-third friend, neighbour, ex-co-workers and to her friends from all around the world, from every place she visits. I usually buy ten postcards. Nine of them go to my family and friends and the tenth one goes into my diary. I love postcards! But you wouldn´t believe how difficult it is to get post stamps… 

4. Clean the windows

In terms of the household chores I like washing the windows most. And it´s not because you do it just twice a year. I mean, there can be something about it… Or maybe I just like to lean out of the seventh floor hoping no one comes into the room so I won´t fall out? Well it´s more some kind of psychical satisfaction when I look through the fresh clean and polished windows. Literally, I admire it during the whole day. And let me tell you that there doesn´t exist a worse mental frustration than a rain on the following day… 

5.Grocery shopping in the evening

And it really doesn´t matter if it´s TESCO, Kaufland, Whole Foods or Walmart. Evening in the grocery store means two things for me: there won´t be a lot of people and I´ll find a lot of sales for fruit, vegetable and pastry. What else you can wish for. Just walk around the store, look around what do they offer and avoid the long queues at the cashier. I enjoy the most walking around the unfamiliar stores for example somewhere abroad in Chinatown and buy some random stuff. Oher than that I also like to visit random restaurants and taste traditional cuisine of other cultures. I mean, as long as they don´t offer cooked dog or fried cockroaches….


Today it was a small peek into my mind. The mind where the biggest issue of a day is a dirt on a window or a dilemma which postcard should I send to my grandma and which one to my neighbour. By the way, I´ve already solved the question Mila or Milka – the answer is a wine of course!