Family Week Without Getting Crazy (December 26th 2020-January 3rd 2021)

Family Week Without Getting Crazy (December 27th 2020-January 3rd 2021)

My 2020 Christmas were very similar to the rest of the year: I was sitting at home, eating everything I found, for a while I was doing workout and as a bonus for losing my social skills throughout the year at the end of the day, I was awarded by presents. Indeed, such a lovely day. Since we were already bored at home and didn´t want to wander between la kitchen, el bathroom or el room we decided to go to our cabin in Rajecká dolina.

A Shed In the Hills

Our cabin (it is actually a shed) is located in woods about an hour of walk from the closest grocery store, church and bar. There is electricity, flowing but most of the time freezing water, fresh air and a beautiful nature. Inside the cabin there are plenty of insect and spiders living with us which every time we come there suddenly wake up from their sleeping and so we spend first days by killing them. The central heater is the furnace. We made it from 37°F at the beginning to 41°F within two hours! On the third day I became to be the main boilerman. Without getting any further instructions I thought it´d be an easy job. There was already a fire so all I had to do was putting the wood logs in there to keep the fire burn, right? And so, at the end of the day there was incredible 85°F and I found out it wasn´t an easy job at all. At least we weren´t freezing. Also, I found out that you should not put your legs on the furnace. Those who know me in person already know that I love to put my legs everywhere I can. Even during eating I sit with my legs crossed on the chair. This time I put my legs on the furnace and guess what – my slipper burnt.

The Stolen Tree

What kind of holidays it would be without a Christmas tree? Our first plan was going to the woods, find a nice tree, cut it down and decorate it to become a Christmas tree. But as we just walked a little into the woods, we discovered a beautiful, abandoned tree. Perhaps, someone left it there for later. After a short walk, when the sun got down, we stopped by to get it. Mom held it in the front, I was in the back and happily we carried our tree home. When we walked into a small forest glade and solved the dilemma if our cabin was on the left side or on the right side of the glade, suddenly a car was coming our direction. Luckily, we decided to go the opposite direction. Mom yelled: “Watch out, there´s a car coming!” I screamed back: “Let the tree go!” and in the same time we let it go. Our beautiful tree fell on the ground and we passed it acting unsuspiciously. Fortunately, it was already almost dark and the car driver didn´t pay any attention to us. He was leading to the hill. To get the tree. In the moment the car was gone we grabbed our tree and just like we were in some kind of a comedy movie we ran uphill to our cabin. When we reached it, we were gasping as we ran a marathon. From there we watched the car turning and heading back. Without the tree. 

A Winter Hike

I have heard a lot about the New Year´s hikes but I have never even thought about attending a one. Until now. Okay, to be honest we didn´t walk in the middle of the night but it happened on December 31st so it is legit to say it was a New Year´s hike. As we tried to avoid crowds of people, we decided to go on Strážov (3979 ft). By the way, this was my first winter hike ever. I have been in Strážovské vrchy in the summer but the country looked so different. The path was steep, slippery, there was a hard fog but the nature looked like a fairy tale. The only thing I was worried about was hiking down the hill. This problem was solved very fast, in the moment when my brothers brought out their sliding shovels saying: “We will slide down!” But since we had only two of them and it was four of us it meant that there had to be always someone hiking down the hill or sliding on a bun or by my favourite style – the seal style – which was on my belly. Overall, it took us over two hours to hike up the hill but only a few minutes to make it down. Quite impressive, isn´t it?

Another hike we had done was a little bit more interesting. We decided to hike on Kľak (4435ft). The starting point was not Fačkovské sedlo (2631ft) where most of the people start but from the city of Fačkov (1758ft). One thing I cannot understand is that our hike was supposed to last 2,5 hours but in reality, it lasted 4,5 hours (mom says it was her fault). But whatever. Worse thing was that we agreed we didn´t want to hike back this way. And so, we found out that there was a bus leaving from Fačkovské sedlo to Fačkov where our car was parked at 4:20pm. The touristic board on Kľak says the hike down lasts 1,5 hours (I suppose in every season but winter). And the problem that occurred was that we reached the Kľak´s peak at 2:50pm. You don´t have to make the difficult calculations to realize that in the same moment we reached the peak, we had to go down to be able to catch the bus. And so, we split into two groups: my older brother and I and mom with the younger brother. The plan was simple: make it down as fast as we could, catch a bus, get the car and drive back here to get mom and brother. Our equipment was a pair of climbing-irons (finally I´ve learnt what their purpose was because until then I was just grumbling about it) and my brother´s sliding shovel. I think no one would be surprised to see two crazy 10-years old kids madly sliding down the hill but since we´re already almost 30-years old adults, people were surprised as they had seen us getting down the hill: one on the sliding shovel and the other one on bun, belly, or running next to the sliding one. I think watching us was pretty funny. We had lost and rescued our sliding shovel twice and I can´t even count how many times we rescued each other from shooting out of the downhill. But the result was splendid: it took us incredible 50 minutes to make it to the bus stop. The only thing was that I was completely sweaty, snorted, hit, scratched, even my nail broke and I was barely standing on my feet. But we caught the bus! Let me tell you that this was the best hike ever. And the very best thing about it all was that surprised look we got from the tourists we met on the Kľak´s peek and within an hour they met us again coming from the opposite side of the hill on the forest road in Fačkov. I suppose they could be thinking that a spacetime traveling really does exist.

This was our family week in the cabin. It was okay. I read almost two books and one magazine, after a week without an internet connection I found out that I didn´t miss a thing and I hit my rump bone so hard that until today every time I sit down, everything I see is blurred and then suddenly I have the amazing Kľak view in front of me.