Boston, Massachusetts: place where I lived almost for a year but still don´t know what to write about it…

Boston, Massachusetts: place where I lived almost for a year but still don´t know what to write about it…

Boston in general.

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts.

Size: 232,14 km2

Population: 685 094

Interesting things about Boston:

Boston is the oldest city of North America (1630) and its architecture is really amazing. Roads are a different topic to discuss. US is well-known that streets and roads create precise rectangle shapes and so if you get lost, it is pretty easy to find your way back. If you get lost in Boston the only thing that will save you is the fact that it is such a small city that you won´t get lost. Unless you´re not in Boston´s tunnel…

In 2005 a huge project had been finished here. All the main roads of Boston´s downtown were relocated under the ground (beginning of this project was in 1987). And so you will find here a city that is dig by lots of tunnels. And how does it look down there? As one big labyrinth where even your GPS doesn´t work. My host dad once told me: those tunnels are old and they are falling apart. It happens sometimes that you drive through the tunnel and suddenly something falls on your car (a part of ventilator or so). Also one day he told me that he got stuck in that tunnel for over an hour. Well, let´s say that this city is not for people with claustrophobia.  And if you think that Bratislava´s Prístavný most is being chaotic, just come to Boston´s tunnels and flyovers. Roads are connecting and disconnecting out of nowhere and suddenly from three-lane road there is just a one-lane road and you don´t even know how that happened. The good news is that Boston´s downtown isn´t that big and it´s pretty easy to just walk around. Moreover the subway system is really good here and trust me that you´d rather pay for public transportation than pay the enormous prices for the parking in the center.  

In Cambridge you can find Harvard and MIT universities. As an au pair I was thinking for a while to study on Harvard. Each au pair has to gain at least 6 credits or absolve 72 hours at some American college or university. And so I went to Harvard´s webpage, checked prices of the classes I was interested in and two hours later I turned off the laptop. Let´s just say that next time I will come to the US I will have to save up much more…

In Boston you can find the best sport clubs of the whole USA! New England Patriots has won Super Bowl this year for the third time in a row and in the history of Super Bowl for the sixth time. Guess who was on the Super Bowl Parade? Yes, me! Unfortunately I didn´t see any of the Patriots games. Super Bowl 2019 was in February and tickets for the game between December and February were really expensive. Pre-season game has started in July and the cheapest tickets were around $100. And I think that was too much. On the other side those $100 didn´t hurt me that much when I used them for the NHL game. Boston Bruins is a great team who made it to the finals of Stanley Cup but at the end they lost. But the atmosphere in the bar during the final game was amazing! And at last, in Boston you can find the rivals of New York´s Yankees – Red Sox. We wanted to go for a game but we didn´t make it. It´s like… If we earned more it wouldn´t be a problem, right… And one more thing – there is a Boston´s basketball team Celtic but I have no knowledge about them. All I know is that their mascot is an Irish Lucky the Leprechaun. Why Irish? Because there are so many Irish people living in Boston. Boston is probably the best city in the US where you should go to celebrate St. Patrick´s Day. At that time I was in a bus on my way from Philly. But Natalia and Nikola were celebrating!   

If you like animals and nature, you should visit New England Aquarium and Museum of Science. Aquarium is really beautiful. I went to the museum with my host kids so I saw basically everything but nothing. But I still remember that I really liked it there. If I knew more about science I think it´d be a completely different experience. And so for me the winner is the aquarium!

 Did you know that near Boston in Quincy you will find the very first Dunkin´ Donuts? You will notice it from the distance – its logo has been never changed into its current design and you might think that it´s some kind of fake Dunkin´. I wish… By the way Dunkin´ Donuts is the biggest rival of Starbucks (that´s what they say…). So I went there, bought their coffee and it was gross… The only thing they can compete are their delicious donuts…   

Let´s go back to the history for a bit. Boston is being the first in the US with:

– The first city park Boston Common (1634)

– First public school Boston Latin School (1635)

– First American subway system Tremont Street Subway (1897)

What else to see while you are in Boston?

Massachusetts State House – government house built in 1798. Main architect was Charles Bulfinch.

 Granary Burying Ground – third oldest cemetery in Boston built in 1660. There are 2345 graves but buried over 5000 people including Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Robert Treat Pine – men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

King´s Chapel – chapel of Christian Unitarians from 1754.

Old South Meeting House – Protestant church built in 1729. It is famous that plans for the Boston´s Tea Party were creating right here (December 16th 1773). Over 500 people were meeting here and it used to be the biggest building of the Boston at that time.

Old State House – court house (Massachusetts General Court) built in 1713 – it is one of the oldest public buildings in the US. I always enjoyed a view on this small tiny building in the middle of skyscrapers.  

Market place – in Boston´s downtown you can find two the very same buildings standing next to each other: Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Quincy Market. You can find here a lot of stores, restaurants and artists. It is funny and busy place to go.

Prudential center – if you love views. There was one au pair event and Nikola and I were supposed to go there. Unfortunately we never made it. I got stuck at home without car and Nikola slept in. Why should she wake up on Saturday morning, right? Pictures I´ve seen from up there were amazing and Nikola promised me that she will take me there one day (despite the fact I´m already in San Francisco). She made a promise!

Boston Riverwalk – if you love posting pictures on Instagram you have to go here. You, a river on your left side and the beautiful historical Boston behind. Ideal for a romantic walk as well.

Free walking tours – yes, you will find them in Boston as well! All you need is to register here.

And a life story for the end…

What kind of blog this would be if I didn´t write at least one of my stories at the end? So, it was 4th of July, the Independence Day. Natalia and I decided to go to celebrate it in Boston while Nikola had to work. By time we finally arrived to the center and we found the epicenter of the celebrations (because people were gathering literally everywhere) and made it to the Hatch Shell, it was almost 8pm. We left Scituate at 5pm but lots of Boston´s street were closed and that was a great occasion to make some nice pictures! Plus, we left the subway on a wrong station so we had to walk to the other side of Charles River and we chose exactly that only bridge which was closed. Well, we came to Hatch Shell, there were a lot of people having speeches, singers and then a time for American anthem came. Natalia felt as a country betrayal for her first time in her life (I don´t feel that way anymore) and at the end of the anthem it happened. Just above our heads a two jets flew (just like you see it in American movies). But what was Lucy thinking? Bomb attack! All the people were standing calmly and were singing the anthem, Natalia hasn´t even noticed it and I stopped moving and I felt that my heart stopped beating for a second. Since Natalia was trying to make it to the food tents and I stopped moving she looked at me saying: “What´s wrong?” And until I realized that there is no bomb attack happening, I got a breakdown. And let me tell you this was exactly the first time in my life when I thought I will die. Luckily nothing like that happened, I am still here and now I know that I don´t have to be afraid of jets flying above my head. I should but I don´t have to. Americans just nailed it.