Bainbridge Island and the city of Poulsbo (September 23rd 2018)

Bainbridge Island and the city of Poulsbo (September 23rd 2018)

It was Sunday morning, I was having my day off and since magazine Visit Seattle was promising an unbelievable experience on Bainbridge Island and its 12 gardens, I decided to go there and check it out. I took a bus that took me to the ferry terminal.

Important knowledge: before you go on the local public transportation check out when does it leave. During the weekends it doesn´t go that often and what happened to me was that I was waiting at the bus stop for 30 minutes because I just missed the previous one. Then I had to wait at the ferry terminal – Pier 32 again because I missed my ferry as well (if I came 3 minutes earlier, I would catch it). I told myself that this day began great. I left home at 9am. Way to the ferry lasted about 10 minutes, about 30 minutes by ferry to come to the Bainbridge Island and 15 minutes to Poulsbo. Despite this I arrived to Poulsbo exactly at noon.

City of Vikings – Poulsbo

When I call it the City of Vikings I really mean it. In the past there used to live Vikings! People who live here now are proud about this history and you can notice Nordic flags everywhere, people dressed up as Vikings or taste a delicious Viking´s cup and others desserts in local famous Sluys Poulsbo Bakery. To feel even more like being in the Europe and not in America, go to Tizley´s Europub where you can have something similar as a Wienerschnitzel. It looks similar but tastes completely different. I´m sorry.   

However Poulsbo historical museum and SEA Discovery Center were closed (because it was Sunday) I stopped by at Maritime museum at least. I really liked it. I also enjoyed a coffee from Viking Brew Coffee where I gave a small coffee advice to the owner – I´ve noticed that here in the US they don´t serve Espresso Lungo! I wonder if he added that one to his offers haha. And then I was ready to go. But where? And more important was a question: how? I didn´t drive here and that was such a mistake! Don´t come here without a car. I was lucky that the owner of the cafeteria Eric offered that he can show me places around this island. He just took his dog with us and then we left to explore!

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island is connected to peninsula Kitsap (where is Poulsbo located) by beautiful Agate Passage Bridge. This island is great for never ending walks through forest paths and romantic nights at the beach. You can swim here during the summer and watch the aquatic life – you can find here everything from sea monster trough crabs and sea lions. Yes, the sea lions seriously live here and actually I saw two of them today! Eric said they aren´t dangerous but if you see them it means that the sharks can be nearby. And whales live here as well. As I´ve already mentioned the sharks, you better think that you can meet a bear here too! So I´d say “a safe place to live”. 🙂   

The nature is amazing and the fresh air is perfect.

On this island there should be bunkers from the WW2 maybe also because they used to catch signals of the secret Japanese codes. We went to the woods to find them but after 30 minutes long wandering around we gave up. But Eric said that they should be somewhere around (he grew up there).

City of Winslow (lots of people call it also Bainbridge) you can explore within an hour and comparing to the colorful Poulsbo you won´t find this city that much interesting… It was more like a transit city.

Few small advices at the end:

If you decide to come here, Sunday is the worst day to do so. If I don´t mention public transportation in Seattle, from the port in Bainbridge (Winslow) to the touristic Poulsbo doesn´t go anything at all. You can decide if you want to take a taxi or call an UBER. Smarter ones will drive here. My advice is – don´t even come here without a car, it doesn´t worth it.

Just for the record – I called an UBER and paid $30 for the drive.

And also in Poulsbo there are three museums: Poulsbo historical museum, SEA Discovery Center and Maritime museum. The first two are closed on Sunday…

And at last – I recommend tasting of the local beer 🙂