Au pair “school trip” to Niagara Falls (May 31th – June 2nd)

Au pair “school trip” to Niagara Falls (May 31th – June 2nd)

In the blog about Philadelphia trip I have already mentioned that if you want to successfully finish the au pair program, you have to achieve some educational units. Since I´m planning to stay in the US for nine more months, I had to save up some money for another trip. And since Nikola is planning to extend as well (let´s hope we will end up in the same place!) we were saving up together to be able to go on a Niagara Falls trip!

I will skip most of the Friday and Sunday of our story because all our memories were about almost 10hours long drive in a bus, eating snacks, watching movies and sleeping. Funny, isn´t it?

…We were accommodated on Canada´s side, about 5minutes of walk away from the Falls and we came here just during the firework show. You can watch this show every Friday and Saturday at 10pm (I don´t know about the other days). On our way there, a four Columbian girls stayed on the US side of the Falls because instead of European au pairs (almost all of them were from Germany) they needed Canadian visas and that would be very expensive for them. The view on the Falls from the US side isn´t that bad but if you ever go here, go to Canadian side! It´s not only about the better view but there is also a great nightlife, more attractions (Journey Behind the Falls, Zipline over the Falls…) and more things to do in your free time. On the US side there is nothing… At least we didn´t see anything from the huge Niagara SkyWheel, a 53meters high wheel where me and Nikola almost threw up… On the US side we saw nothing just a dark…  

After we got accommodated we went to check out the city. Important information: in Canada you can drink if you are 19 already! And so we went to casino where we spend our “casino money” within 10minutes and then we went to karaoke bar. When we got sick and tired of that terrible singing of drunk people without any self esteem and we didn´t find it funny anymore, we made a nice walk around the city to see the highlight of our trip – the Falls. We came there and as we were looking at them we were thinking: “This is it? This is the reason of all the 10hours we spent in that bus?” We were staring at two falls that were shining in beautiful colors but in our imaginations they were bigger, more massive, higher… different. Little bit disappointed at 2am we left to our hotel room to get some energy for the following day.

What I´ve noticed: I´ve never seen a higher concentration of Pakistan people on one place than here.

Day N (because Niagara Falls)

After a big breakfast (we ate like pigs) at 10am we left to do attractions Journey Behind the Falls and on a boat Hornblower.

Journey Behind the Falls is amazing! We got a rain coats that gave us a look of the trash bins for a plastic materials and by an elevator we made it to the tunnels that lead to the Falls. And suddenly we appeared straight next to the falls! What was even better was a Hornblower… Hornblower is something like a cruise that takes you straight next to the falls. We also got a rain coats and this time we looked like a trash bins for cans. Our new outfit which was better than Little Red Riding Hood´s was actually useless because we ended up completely wet. My make up gave me a panda look and we could barely see something through all the water splashing into our faces. It was a blast! The best was that we didn´t believe that the boat will actually go straight next to the falls – but we made it straight in front of it and it was amazing experience. And when one hour later we were doing our selfies with the Falls we realized that actually they are beautiful and we were wrong when we thought that we don´t like tem… We enjoyed the panorama and then we had a free time.   

Our plan was simple – we wanted to check out the souvenir stores, have lunch and to get changed to our room. We walked around Victoria Ave where we bought our souvenirs (the best one was my Canadian flag), had lunch, beer and left to our hotel. And then I had to pee so on our way we made a bathroom stop in the Roadhouse bar. I left to the bathrooms and I was there for 3minutes. When I came back I found girls drinking at the bar. Okay, plans have changed. We came to our hotel room three hours later…

After an evening fireworks that we heard from our room, nicely dressed up we left for some nightlife. Our fun began at that SkyWheel I was already talking about. Since we came here me and Nikola really wanted to go there. And as much as we wanted to go there, we wanted to leave that place. After about 10minutes the wheel finally stopped and The Suffering of Young Lula and Nikola was over. We met our new friend Veronika and went to the best disco bat in the town – a club Se7en (that´s what they told us). I think we met here all the au pairs and all of us agreed that this was the worst party we´ve been at. But I´m not going to criticize only. Their promoter who I platonically fell in love with really worth come here. It was just a shame that he didn´t even smile at me… Party still sucked and so after an hour we left the club for the second time (for the first time we left to find another party but when they told us the entrance fees we came back here). We were also thinking that it was already after 1am and by time we will come home we can go to sleep. And as we were excited about sleeping for a moment, we got awake pretty fast…

… Two hours later: we came to our hotel room.

Because we had to make a stop in our favorite bar Roadhouse where their staff already knew us and then in karaoke bar where they were already closing (in Canada parties are not over at 2am like in the US but at 3am!) and wearing bikini we were trying to find the hotel´s Jacuzzi which was at 3am surprisingly closed…

In the morning our roommates told us all the gossips who was making out with who and I got unexpectedly contact for my handsome promoter, then we ate our breakfast like pigs again (have I already mentioned that we had to pay additional $10 for breakfast?) and we left home. And do you remember from my Philly blog as I was writing that I was left alone on the street waiting for Nikola to come? Well, today it was me and Nikola left alone on the street waiting for Natalia. I think next time it will be all three of us waiting for Godot…  

And now… I just have to get back to reality of Sunday evening in a small American city Scituate. Surrounded by woods, deer, coyotes and four kids remembering on another awesome weekend with Nikola. Because everybody should have their own Nikola. 


Trip 300 EUR

Food 95 EUR

Other attractions 47 EUR