Au pair life: it was just an ordinary day… vol. 2

Au pair life: it was just an ordinary day… vol. 2

It is Thursday evening, I am laying on my bed and not moving and telling myself: you survived another day. This time I should start with Wednesday night when the beer I had didn´t do well to my stomach and I was sick all night long. Optimistically I combined this beer with sleeping pills and my stomach was suddenly even worse. At the end, around morning I luckily fell asleep for a while at least…

6am                    I couldn´t sleep again. It was just a morning and I wanted to hang myself already.

6:45am               My alarm clock rang. My stomach was still pretty bad and I went to the bathroom realizing that I will spend the day with kids by myself. HM left for a one-day business trip to Philadelphia and HD was in Switzerland. Amazing.  

7-7:50am           I left to the kitchen. Prepared breakfast for kids, lunches, I drank tons of coffee and ran to the bathroom. After a while I was back with kids who were calling with mom. L was yelling. HM wanted to talk to me. I was trying to sound happy (I think I failed) and told her good morning. HM was asking me if everything was all right. I told her: “absolutely”. Then she asked me why was L yelling. I told her that I didn´t know. HM got upset about me and told me to tell him to stop. He is not allowed to yell in the house. After the phone call I found out that kids were playing that they were puppies and that was the reason why he was yelling. But it was too late to tell it to my HM. Then I found an envelope on the table with money for books that L and M were supposed to bring to school by Wednesday. I gave it to them and they started yelling at me saying if I think it was Wednesday. I knew today was Thursday but that´s not my problem… No one wanted to listen my excuse why I didn´t give them money yesterday or that maybe it was not too late to bring them to school today. Paper about the order and money left on the table. H asked me if I can drive him to school because M and L had a whole day examinations. The end of the morning I spent by searching for a field trip papers in kids´ backpacks and accidentally I found C´s homework she forgot to do last night.   

7:50am               Time to turn off the TV and get ready for school.

7:50-8:35           C found out that she will recite today at school and has to come dressed up as an animal. Of course she forgot about it, she never saw the poem and she didn´t have a costume. So she started crying and called to mom to Philly. HM came with an easy solution of a dog costume, I made her a make up, she put a cap on her head and dress up in a leopard pyjama that will be a dog today. I packed her things for changing and make up remover wipes.  

M was ready for school at 8am already. She didn´t yell during the whole morning which was weird. H was ready shortly after her but he didn´t brush his teeth. I can´t understand how´s that that he is okay with it. About 8:25am they went outside to wait for a bus.  

8:35am               C and L were still in the kitchen and I don´t know why L threw a small ball into my eye. I started crying in a pain and L was in shock staring at me. I started yelling at him to pack his things, brush teeth and go out to wait for a bus and C gave me an icy boo-boo for my eye. Everything around my eye was completely red and C yelled that she just saw a school bus passing us. L told me that I will have a black eye and when I got back to myself we left outside. H and M were gone. I was hoping they caught the bus and they were on their way to school. We went to a car, my eye was still covered by boo-boo and I could barely see the road. I drove L and C to school.

8:50am                 I came back home. H and M weren´t there, so I was assuming they were at school. I cleaned the playroom and mess after kids, put their laundry into a washing machine, made up beds and I realized that my stomach meanwhile forgot about the last night so I called Natalia telling her that we are going to the gym today.

10:10am             We were late for our class but we made it. Also we were asking ourselves why are we doing this. We should have go back home and relax. We stayed there exactly for 20 minutes and at 12pm I was laying in my bed again, my stomach didn´t feel well again and I was trying to fall asleep.

12-3:30pm         The fastest passed hours of my life. I ate lunch, fold the laundry and went to the bathroom for several times.

3:40pm               Kids came home and they asked me where was C. I was asking myself where was R. R is their grandma who was supposed to come and help me today. Talking about C, I remembered that she was still at school because of her afterschool activity and I had to pick her up soon.

3:40-4pm           I was carrying L on my back and running with him around the house and garden. Meanwhile R came and M was happy because L and H wanted to go to the skate park but M wanted to stay at home staring at the wall.

4:25pm               I put two bicycles, three scooters, three helmets and water bottles into my car. With L and H we left for C and then we wanted to go to that skate park. C really liked our idea and I think I was the happiest because we didn´t have to spend another day stuck at home.  

4:35-5:40pm     We were in the skate park. C´s bicycle got broken a little bit so I had to ask high school kids for help how to fix it (I just didn´t want to make my hands dirty, haha). Everything was all right.  

5:40-5:50pm     C started nose bleeding. We had to go home. Moreover, boys had a scout meeting at 6:30 and I had to make them a dinner. So we left home. Actually no, I forgot my phone. We forgot phone, sweatshirts and water bottles in the skate park so we had to go back. Thanks God that I had an old Motorola and no one wants it (including me). All our things were on their place when my phone suddenly rang. HM texted me that her flight will be delayed today and she asked me if I can put kids to beds.    

6pm                    We came home. I had exactly 30minutes to make spaghetti with meatballs, feed kids, make them to change into a scout uniforms and drive them to the meeting. R meanwhile drove M to her sewing class and she asked me if I was planning to watch NHL game tonight if Bruins will make it to the finals. I was sadly laughing that I don´t think so.

6:20pm               I started yelling at kids to turn off the TV because it was dinnertime. At the table as we are supposed to. I was impressed when they seriously turned off the TV and came to the table to eat. R was eating with us and I was happy that if HM asks about the dinner and she will tell her that everybody was eating at the dinner table I will be the best au pair ever!

6:30pm               I was hypnotizing the clock and telling myself that we will be late again.

6:35pm               L and H were already in their scout uniforms sitting in the car and yelling at me why was I driving straight if they told me to turn left. I found out (they told me) that I was a terrible driver.  

6:40-7:40pm     The longest hour of today. Good news was that we weren´t the only ones who were late. I asked L is I can go home to C and M or if I should stay with them. He told me that it was up to me but HD always stays there until the end. So I stayed. Meeting started by bringing American and Scout flags. Everybody had to stand up and put their hand on their heart. I felt really weird especially as I was watching the American flag – I felt as a country betrayal. The whole meeting was about awarding (I don´t know for what because I have never seen my kids not even selling the cookies or pop corn…). The scout leader called kids by their groups. They started by the one where L and H were. And suddenly the scout leader asked the parents to come to their kids. L and H gave me a confused look, I gave them my confused look as well but proudly I came to them. The scout leader made us a picture. Yay!  

7:30pm               I could barely see as how tired I was but I was cheering myself up saying that they will go to sleep soon.

7:50-8:20           We came home. Shortly after us R with M and C came. I was serving kids who were watching TV, cleaning kitchen, cleaning their lunchboxes and collecting dirty clothes around the house.

8:30pm               I stood up from my chair telling kids to turn off the TV, brush teeth and go to bed. They told me that they don´t have to go to sleep exactly at 8:30 and they asked me if I can give them 10 more minutes. Of course I will but not more.

8:40-8:45pm     I repeated myself: turn off the TV, brush your teeth and go to beds and I will come to say you goodnight. They turned off the TV, didn´t brush their teeth and only M went to sleep. H, L and C asked me if I could carry them upstairs to their beds. Sure. One by one I carried upstairs and I couldn´t wait for the moment when I will carry myself to my bed too. As I was carrying them I was thinking that I probably spoiled them way too much and this was my fault.

8:45-9:15pm     Last routine of a day: back rub. One by one I was back rubbing and sweetly saying them goodnight. When I was leaving C as the last one, we heard a noise. C jumped out of the bed saying: “mom!” Correct, mom came. I told her to go back to bed that her mom will come and say her goodnight in a second.

9:30pm               I am laying on my bed and not moving. Writing these lines and terrified realizing that in few hours I will have to wake up and prepare breakfast and lunches. Thanks God it will be Friday. I am telling myself: you survived another day.