My story

I discovered my “writing skills” when I was eight years old. Every Saturday morning I used to create newspapers for my mom. I was cutting out the news from Nový čas, I made up and typed down some important events that happened and within an hour my mom got her Saturday news! 

When I was fourteen I started to write my own diary. Honestly, it is an amazing thing. Sometimes when I´m bored, I just take one of them and try to figure out what was I doing on this day let´s say in 2008. It is being said that no one can steal your memories. But I can tell that I forget so fast (I don´t know how about you) and I am very grateful to myself that sometimes I literally force myself to type down a few lines about my day. That time worth it.

On April 10th 2010 I wrote my first short story, Hodinky. Inspired by E.A. Poe and Steven King but never understood from my teacher and friends. For the first time I was criticized and I still remember how difficult was getting over it… And that was the reason why within a month I wrote down another short story, Hra! And then third one, fourth one, fifth one… Basically, during my high school I was just writing short stories. As time was passing by my friends actually started seeing some points in them and my teacher went through hard criticism to some kind of appreciation.  

Unfortunately, my stories didn´t enjoy and appreciate Slovak writer Daniel Hevier. When I started attending the university, I went to one public event where you could have read your stories to him. I read him Povedať príbeh and I was reading it from my phone. Why? Because I wasn´t expecting to be brave enough to read in front of an audience (I don´t want to mention that my voice was shaking even more than you´d shake sick under a blanket). Are you interested in Hevier´s opinion? He said: “The end was the best. But if I read it on my own, I don´t think I´d make it to the end.” This really hurt. After that, I occasionally wrote some short tales but then I quit because I became an editor in the university´s magazine Parazol!  

I bet that now you wonder why I was studying ethnology on UCM in Trnava and not journalism in Bratislava. Well, because I didn´t pass the exams. I was straight under the line but they didn´t accept me. Optimistically I wanted to try to get in the following year, I was taking private classes and suddenly out of nowhere I changed my mind and I didn´t want to go there anymore (until these days I have no clue what happened to me). So I ended up on UCM.

You can find two magazines at this university – Attelier for the privileged students of FMK (!!!) and Parazol that was open to anyone who was interested in writing. I created my own column Guide Through the Most Interesting Small American Cities and sometimes I was interviewing our teachers. I was an editor for two years when suddenly at that time general editor Matúš Horváth finished his studies at UCM and he offered me his position in Parazol. Firstly, I was just laughing about it but during the summer vacation I realized that this was a unique offer that might have given me a lot of experiences and I should take it. Also, during this time I got accepted to Cognitive studies on TRUNI but just because of this magazine thing I decided to stay on UCM! Crazy, right?!  

During following two years I´d proudly say that me with my graphic designer – my best friend Maja – got Parazol its best days. Even the university principal told me the other day that he really liked our magazine! We never stopped but it was a lot of fun. From school I used to run to Maja, after a while I left her to coach gymnastics, after gymnastics back to Maja and in the late evening I just went back home to get some sleep. If you want more details about this adventure you can find on page 14 here.

Time was passing by and after five years I finished my studies on UCM with the red diploma. I was excited about my general editor experience and I was hoping that it´d help me to get a job in local newspapers. The reality was different. Recruitments always requested somebody who studied mass media communication or journalism and my dream to become a journalist was fading away… At the end I got a job in a DMC company Tour4U and within a month I got much more experiences than during my five years of studying on UCM. I was working there for a year and it didn´t last long until I realized that I was missing something in my life – I stopped writing. So, when me and my ex-boyfriend went to Sri Lanka in December 2018, I decided to write down my memories and opinions of each day. When we came back home, I have created my first travel blog.      

During blogging I have tried webhosting like,, and at the end I ended up here on The only thing that still remains is the name: Lulina myseľ. I remember the day when I told my friend that I was thinking about deleting my hosting on Do you know what he said? “Lulina myseľ can´t be destroyed!” And so, in August 2016 when I twisted my ankle during promotion event of Fear The Walking Dead and I was basically immobile, I created a new Lulina myseľ on Every year there were more and more articles and more people reading them. And they were complaining that the pictures were covering some of the text there. Since I didn´t know how to fix this problem, I deleted my hosting on and created new Lulina myseľ here. So here I am. In a small American city Scituate writing down those lines and creating a site that I hope I will never have to rebuild again, haha! Site Lulina myseľ that I hope will make your days better!